Company Profile

Bethel Group was established in 2011, headquartered in Doha, Qatar, under the leadership of Chairman Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hassan Al Thani.

Bethel Group supports it's subsidiary companies by offering a comprehensive range of business services to foreign investors looking to create a presence in Qatar's prosperous business market. Bethel Group's subsidiaries include; PRO-Partnership, Bethel Engineering, Bethel Professional Services (BPS), Bethel Construction, Bethel Information Services, Bethel Management Services and Bethel Solutions. 

In line with Qatar’s National Vision for 2030, Bethel Group supports the state’s goal to create a sustainable economy in both the private and public sector. This is achieved by assisting foreign investors to conduct successful business in the State of Qatar. 

Offering highly specialised teams, Bethel’s subsidiaries are experts in the field of Company Formation in Qatar. In addition, the experienced staff have thorough knowledge of the continuously changing and growing Qatari market across a wide spectrum of industries. 

Furthermore, all subsidiaries which operate under Bethel Group are aligned strategically with local Qatari investors who have powerful networks and are highly regarded within the community. These subsidiaries act as the 51% local shareholder for their specifically selected foreign company partners. They are also further supported by Bethel Group’s head office located in the heart of Doha equipped with additional resources including a legal team. 

While each of the subsidiaries mostly work independently, being part of the Bethel Group offers clients access to over 360 invaluable services.  Resources are supported by proven processes that ensure absolute efficiency and around the clock support. 

Bethel Group and its subsidiaries have over 170 foreign company partners that continue to prosper in Qatar. Growing year upon year, the group projects a steady increase of well-renowned international companies adding to their portfolio.