Bethel Construction

In sponsoring foreign construction companies, this entity provides support and guidance for interested firms to establish a business presence in Qatar. Bethel Construction provides a unique advantage by assisting client companies in securing new business by matching their skills with specific tenders in Qatar.

At Bethel Construction we ensure that our selected partners operate within the Bethel Group’s ethical principles and that they comply with local legal requirements. Bethel Construction is therefore associated with the highest standard of service, quality and integrity. 

We strive to promote fair treatment of all employees as well as equal opportunity. In addition, a safe and healthy working environment for each individual who is employed under Bethel Construction is fundamental to our code of ethics. 

A further aim is to maintain ongoing improvements of all processes with regard to environmental protection. 

Like all other Bethel group companies, Bethel Construction believes in establishing honest business relationships based on transparency and trust. We believe that the more aligned our local business units and partners are, the safer and more successful the outcome. 

Bethel Construction has supported a number of multinational clients carrying out a wide range of business activities from general construction of buildings to infrastructure construction for dams, tunnels, transportation and water treatment.