Bethel Group Companies

Bethel Business Management Services

Bethel Business Management Services is one of the leading company formation specialists in Qatar and in the GCC region. BBMS assists new and existing companies in the State of Qatar to improve overall business performance. Our team of specialised management consultants operate primarily through analysis of organisational issues and development of plans for improvement. 

Bethel Construction

In sponsoring foreign construction companies, this entity provides support and guidance for interested firms to establish a business presence in Qatar. Bethel Construction provides a unique advantage by assisting client companies in securing new business by matching their skills with specific tenders in Qatar.

Fusion Middle East

Under Bethel Group’s umbrella organisation, Fusion Middle East is a 100% Qatari-owned company offering corporate partnership to foreign investors that wish to start or expand a business in the State of Qatar. By applying expertise, the team is able to identify the type of company set up that is most appropriate and help you to reach your business objectives.