Qatar's Government Websites

Qatar Tourism Authority

A leading Government tourism planning and promotion entity, the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) works in partnership with stakeholders to plan, regulate and promote the development of a sustainable and mature tourism sector that contributes to Qatar’s future and positions the country as a leading tourism destination.

Qatar Foundation 

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is a private, non-profit organisation that serves the people of Qatar by supporting and operating programs in three core mission areas: education, science and research, and community development. 

In all of its activities, the Foundation promotes a culture of excellence in Qatar and furthers its role in supporting an innovative and open society that aspires to develop sustainable human capacity, social, and economic prosperity for a knowledge-based economy.

Qatar Chamber of Commerce 

Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents all private sector activities in the State of Qatar. All members of the private sector must therefore be registered with Qatar Chamber in order to perform commercial and industrial activities in the country. This way Qatar Chamber can help member firms and companies to introduce their services and products to the local Qatari market, as well as ensure that the country’s business and market needs are met.

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQatar)

ictQATAR connects people to the technologies that enrich their lives, drive economic development & inspire confidence in the future. Established in 2004 as the nation´s ICT policy and regulatory body, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) supports Qatar´s ambitious vision to achieve social and political change while advancing global competitiveness.

Supreme Council of Health (SCH)

The Supreme Council of Health oversees public health programs and ensures that the public health of the country receives adequate attention. The SCH aims to vest responsibility for care in the hands of public institutiopns such as Hamad Medical Corporation and the private sector, while regulating, monitoring and evaluating this care against agreed upon outcomes to ensure that acceptable quality of care is provided.

The Ministry of Business and Trade 

The Ministry of Business and Trade is responsible for developing programs necessary to execute policies related to development of business and trade sector, monitor business activity and provide guidelines and directions in line with national development requirements.